Carpets hold bacteria and dirt deep inside them. Our Dual Carpet Cleaning System is the answer to restoring your carpets to a clean and healthy state. Combining our deep carpet clean with a regular extraction, our Dual Carpet Cleaning Service will leave your carpets spotlessly clean. Our expert procedures mechanically massage your carpets with our specially engineered solution, while our high efficiency equipment gently agitate the fibers to dislodge soil or other particles, encapsulating them so they can’t reattach. Our process uses a limited amount of moisture, protecting them from microbial growth and your organization from damaging health effects. 

Your carpets will look as clean as new, making a lasting impact on both clients and staff.


The most commonly used method of carpet cleaning, our difference rests in procedures and the high efficiency of our equipment. Our use of a limited amount of moisture keeps your carpets free of microbial growth. Used regularly, and combined with the occasional Dual Carpet Cleaning, the cleanliness of your carpets will stand out, leaving a quality statement for your customers. 


Keep your floors dry, and reduce microbial growth with our Semi-Dry Carpet Cleaning! Achieved by treating your carpets with our specially engineered solution, then gently agitating the fibers, this process dislodges soil and other types of particles, encapsulating them so they can easily be vacuumed out as they won’t reattach to the carpet fibers. An ideal solution to keeping your carpets spotlessly tidy and clean every day. Blend with our other services to give your office a reputation for cleanliness.


No one likes to walk into a flooded, smelly, mildewy room, and it’s even worse when it impacts business. An immediate response is necessary when experiencing a sewer back-up and/or flooding. Sometimes inevitable, they can happen for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the magnitude, it must be cleaned up without delay. A flooded carpet will harbor and contribute to the spread of fungi and other types of harmful microbes if not taken care of quickly. Make us your first call when this happens to you! We will thoroughly cleanse your carpets, and completely sanitize them while treating for microbial growth, leaving you ready to resume business as quickly as possible.

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